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Environmental Policy

As weed control contractors, JSD Research & Development Ltd are aware of our responsibility to the environment and the effect our operations have on the local, regional and global environmental systems. We make significant improvements to the environment by removing unsightly and sometimes harmful weeds from railways.

Commitment to Legislative and other Regulatory Compliance

JSD will assess the aspects and impacts of its products and services and use the relevant Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice to set the minimum standard of environmental performance.

Use of environmental management tools and continued improvement

We will implement our policies through a coordinated environmental management system and we will conduct an annual self-evaluation of our performance to implement these principles, we are committed to continued improvement and have adopted the ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management system.

Responsibility for products

The company considers the environmental impacts of its products at all stages of their life cycle - from design, to manufacturing, customer use, and finally disposal.
We have dramatically improved our own Environmental Performance by adopting a Direct Injection Spraying System.

Energy use

The company will when ever possible use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources to meet our needs. We will invest in improved energy efficiency of products that we use and sell.


Through coordinating route planning, documenting and monitoring, JSD seeks to realize the dual benefits of reduced fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.

Recycling and prevention of pollution

The company maintains that a primary part of its environmental management strategy is sustainable waste management and prevention of pollution and as such recognizes its responsibilities to recycle materials and dispose of non recyclable waste in a responsible manner. We will seek to minimize waste, especially hazardous waste, and whenever possible recycle materials. We will dispose of all waste through safe and responsible methods.

Resource consumption

The company will seek to address the impact of its products and services on the environment. We will conserve resources through efficient use and careful planning, we will work with our suppliers to ensure they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation. This we will hope to achieve by persuading chemical manufacturers to allow us to pioneer the use of refillable containers.

Training personnel

We will implement our policies through guidelines and training. The company will continue to communicate its environmental policy changes to all employees through electronic mail, training sessions and team briefings.