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The latest news from JSD.

SITT Fleet Increase December 2015

11 February 2016

 December 2015 has seen the SITT Fleet increase from (x6) SITT Units up to (x10) with the acceptance of the SITT 2 and (x6) SITT Snow Ploughs now being Operated/Maintained under this contract.



Network Rail/NSC Weedspray Management Contract 2016

11 February 2016

JSD have been awarded a new three year term contract for the  NR/NSC Weedspray Management Contract, including:-

  1. Compliance with Legislation

  2. Supplier Systems Auditing including Handspray & MPV Operation site visits

  3. New product acceptance & efficacy

  4. MPV Weedspray Planning for the Season including circuit planning & Task Sheet production

  5. Handspray Planning for the Season including Task Sheet production

  6. Operator training and competency assessments

  7. Herbicide Distribution and Control

  8. Liaison with Network Rail, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders

  9. Record keeping & update of the database

  10. Health & Safety information

JSD granted non passenger train licence.

23 February 2015

After 18 months of hard work; in February 2015 JSD Research & Development Ltd were granted a Non Passenger Train Licence

We have been supplying specialist services to Network Rail for more than ten years, the biggest of our activities is the operation of the Network Rail owned MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) track spraying fleet, designed to spray the immediate track and cess areas with herbicides to counteract any weed growth according to defined growing seasons.

JSD now plan, maintain, drive and operate the eight national weed spraying trains. We are the only company in the UK that are currently capable of delivering this unique and complete service to the railways as a package. This is because we have set out to recruit and train staff with the particular sets of skills needed to fulfil this requirement.

New JSD vehicle fleet

23 February 2015


At the end of 2014 JSD introduced a program to replace its van fleet with the new Ford tansit. This vehicle was chosen for its size, versitility and new engine base.



Static Traction Gel Applicators

23 February 2015

In mid 2014 after a lengthy tendering process JSD were awarded a new contract to support LNE, Anglia and Sussex with their TGA's and leaf fall teams.

In late 2014 after a lengthy tendering process JSD were awarded a new TGA contract in Scotland , this continues a long and successful working relationship.