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Weed Control

MPV Track Spraying

The backbone of our activities is the operation of MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) track spraying equipment, designed to spray the immediate track and cess areas with herbicides to counteract any weed growth according to defined growing seasons. Predominantly operated at night, the track sprayers work along carefully pre-planned circuits, allowing the operators to monitor successful treatment and highlight any potential problem areas for re-treatment or recovery work. The circuit sheets are sent electronically to area managers to record results and plan any additional work into the seasonal schedules.

Before and After
MPV track Treatment for Field Horse-tail

MPV Track Spraying - Before          MPV Track Spraying - After

MPV Scrub spraying

Also predominantly operated at night, scrub spraying involves using the MPV fleet to spray the 5m trackside flail strip with selective herbicides, designed to suppress the infestation of scrub while leaving a covering of grass.

Hand spraying

The hand spraying teams treat areas of the railway where the MPV fleet cannot operate, such as bay platforms, working sidings and recovery areas.

Our Expertise

A solid understanding of herbicide and adjuvant science has enabled JSD to provide the very best solutions to weed problems. We give advice on formulation, rates of application and combinations of compounds, always working to current legislation.

We test new chemicals for efficacy on target species and compatibility with application equipment and the infrastructure to which they are to be applied. We work with all major manufacturers to get the very best results for our customers.

ExpertiseJSD has designed and built herbicide application equipment for many clients over the last nine years. Our clients include Network Rail, London Underground, The Dockland Light Railways and Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail).

We have highly trained staff that operate and maintain the Network Rail weed control fleet in the spring and summer seasons.


After 18 months of hard work; in February 2015 JSD Research & Development Ltd were granted a Non Passenger Train Licence

We have been supplying specialist services to Network Rail for more than ten years, the biggest of our activities is the operation of the Network Rail owned MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) track spraying fleet, designed to spray the immediate track and cess areas with herbicides to counteract any weed growth according to defined growing seasons.

JSD now plan, maintain, drive and operate the eight national weed spraying trains. We are the only company in the UK that are currently capable of delivering this unique and complete service to the railways as a package. This is because we have set out to recruit and train staff with the particular sets of skills needed to fulfil this requirement.