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RHTT/MPV Autumn Support

Rail Head Treatment Train

RHTT support consists of above and below sole bar maintenance and fitness to run exams.

The first element  - above sole bar - comprises daily checks undertaken by JSD staff on the high pressure jetting and sandite application equipment alongside replenishing the unit with water and sandite.

 The second element - below sole bar - involves trained fitters completing  fitness to run exams on the wagons, brake block changes and a brake test with the driver before every departure.

Rail Head treatment Train     Rail Head treatment Train


JSD can offer fully competent staff for all the above including shunting responsibilities, please contact us through our contacts page for more information.

RHTT support includes ground crews for maintenance, replenishment, fit to run exams and shunting.

Current operations include;

DRS (Direct Rail Services) - Inverness, Carlisle, York and Stowmarket. 9 RHTT Units.

DB Cargo  - MPV support at  Wigan, Mossend and Slateford. 10 units.