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Working in the weed control industry JSD are very aware of the environmental impacts from our operations, with this in mind we have been accredited with ISO14001:2004 business management systems for "The operation and maintenance of on track equipment as requested by customers including the delivery of herbicides" this is on ongoing auditable process.

All of our operations from engineering, weed control, ground crews through to operators are monitored and constantly updated to ensure compliance with all relevant legal obligations.

JSD are fully qualified to advise on the safe use of pesticides, resulting in our customers getting the right products and the right application to achieve the best possible results.

Noxious weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Ragwort, Giant Hogweed, Field Horse Tail etc (pictured left) are a huge and costly problem in any controlled environment, we offer a complete service from site surveys, risk assessments through to eradication programs ensuring you are fully compliant with any current legislation and regulations.

As qualified professionals we can offer a variety of services including environmental auditing, risk assessments and site surveys, if you require any further information on these subjects please contact our Professional Head of Environment from our contacts page.

Environmental Policy